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Teknik Menjawab Soalan Bahasa Inggeris Kertas 2

********** Technique Answering English Paper 2 **********

English Paper 2 Section A (10 Marks)
How to answer: Write five (Simple & Complex) sentences. Just ONE sentence in each bar. No TWO or MORE conjunctions in each bar.

Write 5 words refer to the pictures

Clone Pictures:
One boy walking on the streets with his friends. Suddenly, the boy sees a kitten that in the

  1. Yesterday, Abu was walking with his friend along the drain.
  2. On the way to home, there was a kitten in the drain.
  3. Abu took the kitten and bought her to home.
  4. At home, Abu bathed it, feed it until it fell asleep
  5. After the kitten slept, Abu told to his mom to took care it and name it Kitty.
English Paper 2 Section B (Information Transfer) (15 Marks)
How To Do: Table: No dots. Fill in the blanks EXACTLY like what it gives. If possible, write like the examples. Reason: Dots. Must included all the table form. Choose one.

We can't show the table.

English Paper 2 Section C (Make Some Story)
How to do: Write a story about the pictures. Must use all the words that given under the pictures. Must Have: Head, Body, Closure. The story must be above 80 words.

We can't show the story.

END! Book by: Oxford Learning Skills

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